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 Game Officials tutorial . This is a pdf file, available for download.


A requirement of being a soccer official is to accept or decline your assignments as soon as possible after you receive them. Our assignors work tirelessly, and at times thanklessly, to assign the appropriately experienced official to a particular match. It is imperative that you do your job by responding accordingly.

Please make sure that your availability calendar is updated in Game Officials. The tutorial on how to do that is located in the “HVSRA Member Area” of this website. Most of the leagues that this region serves are assigned through Game Officials. If there are unforeseen events that preclude you from turning a game back, it is your responsibility to contact the lead assignor of that match. It is best to communicate through a phone call. Do not rely on email or text messaging services.

Failure to not take action on an assignment, may eliminate your from your future assignments, so please take your responsibility seriously.

Youth matches are generally assigned by the Thursday prior to scheduled game (and most games are on weekends).  The lead assignor is Cathy Romano (

Adult matches are also assigned through Game Officials, and the assignor is Gallo Trujillo (

Contacting the Home Team’s Coach:

It is required that you contact the home team’s coach not less than 48 hours prior to the match. Please see the information from the EHYSL league president, Jim Purdy:

East Hudson Referee,

One of your responsibilities as a referee of East Hudson games is the notification to the Home Team Coach that you are assigned their game. This notification should be made when you are assigned the match by the respective assignor and certainly no later then the Friday before the match.

Be sure both your email and cell number are included in the notification. If you need the coach's email it can also be found at on the bottom left corner of league homepage. If you do not notify the coach and game is changed and you miss the assignment you will not be paid. However if you complete this part of your responsibility and a match gets changed and home coach does not notify you then you will get paid.

Here is a sample of what you will send to the home coach:

Coach Jones,

I have been assigned as the Match Referee for your game this Sunday at 1:00pm at Podunk Park.

If there are any changes here is my contact info. should you need to reach me:

914-123-4567 (home)

845-123-4567 (cell)


Tom Thumb

Contacting the Referee Team:

Communication is key on and off the pitch.

Equally important is communicating with your team if you are the center referee working a 3-man system. It is required that you communicate with your team via email (better) or text message (best), not less than 48 hours prior to the match. Pick a central place where you’ll meet and walk onto the field together as a team. You can speak to your pre-game during the “walk of pride”. Using the text message thread is good, especially if you all are coming from different games to a new location. It gives everyone the expectation that you’re all in good communication with each other.

Assistant Referees and Club Linesperson(s):

Below is the specific guidance from USSF at this link: 


The diagonal system of control consists of one referee and two assistant referees. All competitions sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation require the use of this officiating system and certain competitions may require the use of a fourth official.

In order to comply with the Laws of the Game all games sanctioned directly or indirectly by member organizations of the U.S. Soccer Federation must employ the diagonal system of control and be assigned according to the following order or preference:

  • One registered referee and two registered assistant referees

  • One registered referee, one registered assistant referee and one unregistered club linesperson*

  • One registered referee and two unregistered club linespersons*

  • One registered referee only if no unregistered club linespersons are available or if one registered referee is appropriate for the level of competition

*Club linespersons are only allowed to signal for the ball in and out of play. The preference should always been given to unregistered club linespersons who have no affiliation to the participating teams. 

Game Reports

Similarly to accepting assignments, if you are officiating any match in the leagues outlined below, you are required to complete and submit a game report. The link to the game report, and instructions on how to complete them are listed below. Each league has different requirements on how and what to complete, but all require a game report.

Failure to not submit a report in a timely fashion, may eliminate you from your future assignments. Please complete your report in a timely fashion.

Reports from games involving red cards, injuries, assault, or other unusual situations (such as improper player passes or forfeits) should be sent to the league officials and the lead assignor should be copied as well.

Issues involving assault on an official must be communicated to the President via a phone call (646.500.3065)  IMMEDIATELY.

Referee Game Reports

Please note that this is a change from previous years. EHYSL is now requiring on-line submission of game reports through Game Officials.
ALL East Hudson Soccer Club TRAVEL GAMES :
1) Enter score in GO (On left Click on PERSONAL INFO, AFER GAMES, Click on current month to show all your games. Click on game # on the LEFT and enter the score
2) Click on the link below, or copy into your web browser the following link and answer all of the questions

3) If you issued any red cards during your match, you MUST send the player and/or coach pass via mail to East Hudson Youth Soccer League, 1906 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 .

USSF Game Report (other leagues)

Referee Report Manual  
For reporting a summary of the match, plus misconduct and unusual incidents. Reports can be saved electronically.

Leagues we Serve:


1. You are REQUIRED to email the match’s USSF Referee Report and roster card WITHIN 48 hours of completion of your match.  This is a requirement for ALL EHYSL (U8-U19) travel matches. Email your USSF Referee Report to: Please refer the to EHYSL game operating procedures for additional information on guest players and printed rosters.

2.  All line-up cards must either be scanned and emailed with the USSF Referee Report to that email address.  If for any reason you are unable to scan and email the line-up cards, then the line-up cards MUST be placed in the U.S. mail WITHIN 24 hours of the completion of your match.

3.  If you issue any red cards or there are any potential head trauma involving a player during your match, you MUST retain the player and/or coach pass of the individual(s), and mail it to the EHYSL Office (address:  East Hudson Youth Soccer League, 407 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541) WITHIN 24 hours of the completion of your match.


With the fall season about to begin here are a few important notes regarding the upcoming seasons policies that have been sent to all EDP teams. Use the following link to refer to the policies, assignors and referees can find full listing of referee fees, rules, and procedures here:

Disciplinary Actions: Any disciplinary incident with players, coaches, or spectators can be submitted to (Josh Ambler – This information must be submitted the Monday following the game if not sooner.

Game Day Check Procedure: As a reminder all referees should be checking in both teams to ensure they have official US Youth Soccer Roster, US Youth Soccer Passes, and gotsoccer game card.

Reporting Games: Information on how to report EDP Games can be found by going to the link,, scrolling down and selecting Referee Game Reports

Weekend on Call Number: 732-902-1901 This is information given to EDP teams to use for any assistance over the weekend. Assignors and Referees can utilize too.

EDP Respect and Etiquette Policy (REP):

For any additional support please contact our referee administrator at


2019 NY State Cup Match Day Rules . This is a pdf available for download

To All Officials working ENYYSA State Cup and Arch Cup 

ALL ENY Youth Soccer Association State Cup and Arch Cup matches MUST have a game report turned in within 48 hours to Melanie Corbett at the ENYYSA Office via email

If you have a RED CARD or Coach Dismissal in the match, the referee report must be turned in within 24 hours to Melanie Corbett  also cc ENY SYRA Lee Suckle and ENYYSA Cup Chairman Burt Wilkes

Use the USSF Game Report and Game Supplemental to complete the report. If you do not have any misconduct or unusual incidents the Supplemental Report is not necessary, BUT you still need to turn in the Referee Report.  

If there is an assault a phone call must be made to ENYYSA Cup Chairman Burt Wilkes 917 207 5966 and ENY SYRA Lee Suckle 516 351 5799

Confirm assignment with Assignor and contact crew members 48 hours before the game. Confirm assignment with the head coach via email or phone 48 hours before the game. 

If you have any questions contact ENY SYRA Lee Suckle or Melanie Corbett ENYYSA Office Cup Staff and we will get you an answer as quickly as possible. Fax 516-678-7411 or by email


POSTED 5.4.2019: There are serious technical issues with the NYCSL GAME REPORT Referee Login system that are being addressed. In the interim, please send all reports, using the USSF form, to Reports are required for all games refereed.
Dee Richards
Divisional Manager
NY Club Soccer League

Instructions to File an NYCSL/JSS Referee Report
1) Go to NYCSL
a. Do NOT use Safari as it often does not work
2) Open Referee Report
3) Enter Game Number (use the number provided in your assigning system (Assignor, Arbiter, GameOfficials…)
4) You will be asked to sign in using listed information. Do NOT cut and paste as it often does not work.

5) Do not retain passes from cautions or send-offs. Return to coach or manager.
• User Name: referee
• Password: W@yOfLife22

NYCSL & CSSL Assignors,

2019 NYCSL League Rules . This is a pdf available for download

US Club issued a FINAL WAIVER through September 23, 2018 ONLY allowing coaches and staff members who appear on a team's Official Roster printed from a US Club Soccer registration platform, with NO CARD in the expiration date column, eligible to participate in US Club Soccer sanctioned leagues (NYCSL, CCSL) and NY Cup games.

Waiver does NOT apply to players, PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED to have either pass-cards or be listed on the Westchester Youth Soccer League Line-up Card with Photos.

For those teams with games this weekend, they were advised to PRINT out the attached communication and take it with them to the field. This same information was also shared with the club officials.

Please advise your referees of the waiver for this weekend. Apologies for the late notice, but the letter was just provided.

*IFK: When a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick (IFK) should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick (IFK) should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal lines at the point nearest to the where the infringement occurred. This applies to all U11 and younger age groups in a competition.

**Buildout Lines-Should be marked in a different color than the field markings, alternatively, FLAT line markers or FLAT cones may be used.

***Each team plays 2 games simultaneously on adjacent fields, NO referee, NO Scores/Standings. FIeld may be marked using flat line markers (preferred) or cones.

Field locations and Fees

Field locations are available in GameOfficials (click on the “information” icon to the left of the match listing on your assignment). For further direction on how to access this, please go to the Member Only Area and use the Game Officials Tutorial.

If you notice a location that is not current or is incorrect, please send an email to Cathy Romano ( immediately.

EHYSL 2018/19 game fees


A Word about Game Cancelations

September 14, 2015

To:   All League Presidents,

The Youth and Adult Associations have agreed to amend the rule regarding “Referee Fees”:

  • If a referee official goes to a game and both teams are not at the assigned field, the officials will be compensated $25 plus tolls (with receipts).

  • If a referee official gets to the field and finds it unplayable, the same fee of $25 is provided.

  • Referee officials that are notified of a cancellation two hours prior to kick off will not receive compensation.

  • If a referee official has not left his home, and is notified of an unplayable field (sudden storm, act of God), there is no compensation.  

  • If a referee official has left his home, he is then the only one that can cancel the game at the field.

  • Non-weather related cancellations where a game gets cancelled and referee despite notifying the home coach does not get notified of the non weather related cancellation. In those cases referees get paid in full.

Feel free to call with any questions,

Rich Christiano

League Procedures

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