Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association

 2019/20 New Referee Course

Here are the instructions for registering for the soccer referee course. Please share these within your clubs. We will set up the classroom/field clinics in East Fishkill and Marlboro for late this month.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified soccer referee. The referee certification has three components:

· A four-hour online module on the US Soccer Federation Learning Center website plus a 1.5 hour online module on “Safe Sport.” Instructions below*.

 · In-person classroom training consisting of 4 hours in the class plus another hour on-field training.

 · Becoming a dues-paying member of the Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association (HVSRA) and getting your patch.

 *Instructions for the USSF Learning Center:

 Paste in the URL if the above link does not get you there directly. Establish an account by going to “sign up,” top of page, for the GrassRoots course as a new referee and pay the $20 fee. Use the referee student’s email (can include that of the parent as a secondary email—communications will go to both). Upon completion, download and print the certificate---this is critically important as it will be your admission to the local classroom session (second component above). ** PLEASE DO THIS RIGHT AWAY**

 You also must take Safe Sport. U.S. Soccer has developed the Safe Soccer Framework as a foundation from which all participants in the soccer community, be they athletes, coaches, referees, administrators or volunteers, play an active role in creating an environment free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Go to OR …Click on Take SafeSport Training and then Register…no charge for this; Again, it is critically important for you to download and print the certificate.

 Upon completion of the Learning Center items, you will be given a choice of class location and field sessions for which to register to complete your training. Please check your emails for this invitation and directions. The initial class/course sessions (4-6 hours total) are scheduled for Saturday, August 17 in White Plains starting at 10 a.m. and Sunday August 18 in Eastchester, starting at noon. More sessions are being set up in East Fishkill and Marlboro High School for late August. The cost for the clinic and field session is $150; it includes a full uniform (with two shirts) and gear (line flags, whistle, yellow/red cards, flip coin, carrying bag). Upon registration for the field clinic, our supplier Score Sports will send you an email with a code and instructions to place your order with them on line. You will indicate your shirt and short sizes, whether male or female shirt style, and your address to where they will ship your kit.

Those who will be 18 years old or older by the end of 2020 must also take the (quick) Risk Management protocol.

Total cost is $210 ($20 paid to the US Soccer Federation before taking the online course, $150 for the clinic/field training and the uniform kit, $40 dues to HVSRA).

Any questions, contact Rob Miller at



Registration is now open for 2019 through December 31, 2018. DON’T WAIT!! Registering from January 1, 2019 to May 1, 2019 includes a late fee ($5 for each month after December). Registration for 2019 ends June 1, 2019. 


If you took the Referee course after July 2018, you are already registered for 2019 and do NOT have to register for 2019. 
1. Go to and log into your account as you normally would if you were going to accept a register and take the 2019 recertification exam.

2. CLICK "Change Identity" and select group "1571 – ENYSRA Registration - Official"

3. CLICK the "My Info" tab on the left margin to initially review your contact information. 

Check ALL of your personal information 
Verify your USSF ID # 
Verify or input your Home Association (ENY) and District # (District 4 – Hudson Valley*) 
Verify your referee grade. If incorrect, STOP DO NOT REGISTER!! Please Contact - Klaus ( or Koko ( 
Save your updates

4. CLICK the "Course" tab on the left margin

Select "Referee Courses" (it should be at the top left corner of the available courses).

Referee       ENY fee                           You take this test 
Grade 5        $145                National Exam* 
Grade 6        $145                Referee grade 6 
Grade 7        $70                  Referee grade 7 
Grade 8        $65                  Referee grade 8 
Grade 9        $65                  Referee grade 9 
Emeritus (13 & 15)   $100                Referee grade 6 

FUTSAL / INDOOR    $50                  Futsal 

5. Select "Register For This Course" . You will choose the 2019 Referee Grade _ Online Recertification. Note: The grade number is for your current grade. If you are moving up for the next year, you that will be resolved after you complete this registration process. Klaus or Koko will administratively change this for you.

6. Verify your contact information

Select District "4 – HUDSON VALLEY"

Complete all require fields then click "SAVE (Add Registration)"

7. Complete 2019 Disclosure Statement (if required) and Click Save

8. Select "Payment Method" (credit cards only)

9. Click "Load Session Tracker" to complete 2019 Recertification Test

10. Complete the test. You will have 99 attempts to achieve a passing grade. This is an open-book test. HVSRA will not be hosting any in-person paper tests for recertification.

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of your recertification and risk management, please print out your receipt. You will need to provide a copy of it in order to receive your 2019 badge from HVSRA at one of the recertification dates/locations. You must pay for your USSF registration AND your HVSRA dues before you receive your badge.


Instructions for Issues with Game Officials:

You should be able to find the Eastern New York account, number 1571, ENYSRA Registration as an "Official" by changing identity (menu on the left). Ignore page 2 of the instructions where, by error, it says 1570. If you have a problem or do not have a Game Officials account, contact Koko Veltchev at or phone: 646-643-4128.

Use District #4 for Hudson Valley when he asked which district you are from.

Once completed, you may proceed to paying your HVSRA dues. Please use the link on this website to do so.


Instructors must submit the following:

  • Complete USSF Registration

  • Pass the State or National Referee test with a score appropriate to your instructor grade

  • Send a check, payable to "ENYSSA", in the appropriate amount, to the State Director of Instruction


Assessors must submit the following:

  • Complete USSF Registration

  • Pass the State or National Referee test with a score appropriate to your assessor grade

  • Send a check, payable to "ENYSSA", in the appropriate amount, to the State Director of Assessment