HVSRA Mentoring Program

“a rising tide lifts all boats”

The initiative focuses on the positive development of the official, so they are better educated, supported, maintained, and retained.  Our directive is for each and every referee in our association to be seen by a trained mentor, at least once during the spring 2019 campaign.  The mentors are age-appropriate individuals who are dedicated to assisting our 500+ referees better themselves.  It is a Herculean goal of ours, but we are dedicated and committed to seeing all 500+ referees.  

The mentors will be located between the two technical areas of the field, and will introduce themselves to the coaches as the mentor for the match.  They are primarily there to support the referee team (1 or 3 man-system).  They know, and will intervene with the coaching staff, if the mentor feels the coach is becoming "negatively animated" towards the referees.  

To request a mentor, fill out the HVSRA Mentor request form